Student Clubs

Clubs In Guntur Engineering College
The institution provides rich scope and facilities for different clubs like electronic hoby club, cultural, swatch bharat. These clubs offer a platform for students to exhibit their innate and latent talents in the areas of their interest.For facilitating students to conduct and participate in the wide spectrum of recreational activities,the institution has well planned infrastructure.
CSE Young Minds club is new intiative in our college , in this club students can share their thoughts on different technlogies and extensive support will be given to them by the faculty in those areas to boost their knowledge.
Swach Bharat
Like Charity begins at home, our college believes that if one desires to clean the Nation, then he should start from his Home. It is this concept that has always motivated the College to give maximum priority to maintain College premises clean and hygiene.

The primary goal of the college will be to make the College clean by Distribution of the onus of Cleanliness among each and every stakeholder of the College, instead of consolidating the onus of Cleanliness

We believe that this will help in maintaining the College Clean and Hygiene foreversince by accomplishing this goal, the ‘Psychological Revolution’ towards Cleanliness would have been already took place. Hence, we would not be required to take big steps for Cleaniness, since people would volunteer themselves to take small steps and solve the issues of unhygienic surroundings at the root level.
Cultural Club
In our college not only studies we also encourage students in different cultural evens like songs, dance, different types of events, we do arrange events to encourage the students in those activities.