Electronics and Communication Engineering LABS(ECE)

ECE Department Labs

The department of ECE started in the year 2008, has established various laboratories (spread over 900 sq. m) for conducting practicals related to B.Tech & M.Tech program. All the labs are fully equipped with test & measuring equipment and trainers specially designed for lab work.

Microprocessors & Micro-controllers Lab:

The laboratory has been established in the year 2009 to satisfy the needs in the area of microprocessors & microcontrollers focusing on embedded systems. The Lab has 12 micro controller trainer kits, 12 microprocessor trainer kits and 20 microcontroller development board sets. In addition to these a wide range of micro-controllers and microprocessors are available for experiments and project work. Further interface cards (Elevator interface, ADC interface, DAC interface, Traffic Light Interface, Stepper Motor Interface, 8251/8253 Programmable Interface and 8255 Interface) smart card development kits, wireless application Modules and RFID development kits are also available. In addition to these there are 12 networked computer systems with latest configuration for programming using TASM/MASM.

Microwave Engineering Lab:

This laboratory, established in the year 2011, is well equipped with 4 Reflex Klystron test benches, 4 Gunn Oscillators test benches with different kinds of loads. It also consists of VSWR meters, CROs for determining the characteristics of LED, LASER and photo detector. Microwave antennas like Pyramidal horn, E-Plane and H-Plane horns are also available.

Digital Signal Processing Lab:

This laboratory established in 2011, is equipped with Texas manufactured DSP starter kits with the core processor being TMS320C6713. This lab exposes the aspects of Digital Signal Processing. There are 12 networked computer systems with latest configuration. Many of the algorithms and filter designing related to DSP are implemented in MATLAB software, Code Composer Studio ( Full Version) and using TMS320C6713 DSP processor.

Electronics Hobby Centre:

Electronic Hobby centre was started in 2011 with the motto of encouraging true experimenting nature of engineering students. The hobby centre contains soldering kits, electronic components, testing and measuring equipment required for completing the hobby projects, mini projects, main projects etc. During free time any student / staff of any department can come to this centre for completing their projects. This centre is consistently supported by staff.