Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE)

ECE Department

Electronics & Communication engineering deals with the research, design, integration, and application of circuits and devices used in the transmission and processing of information. Electronic engineers design circuits to perform specific tasks, such as amplifying electronic signals, adding binary numbers, and demodulating radio signals to recover the information they carry. Circuits are also used to generate waveforms useful for synchronization and timing, as in television, and for correcting errors in digital information, as in telecommunications.

About Department

The department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, constituted in 2008 is one of the fastest developments in the whole college. The department currently offers 4 year B. Tech course in Electronics and Communication Engineering. At GUNTUR ENGINEERING COLEGE, the Department of ECE aims in producing qualified, dynamic and competent engineers in the rapidly changing areas of Electronics & Communication Engineering and to maintain the desire for innovation, creativity & life long learning.The department has well qualified dynamic faculty having rich experience in teaching and research activity.