Master of Business Administration (MBA)

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MBA (Master of business administration) is one of the most sought after careers in India. It can be safely assumed that MBAs are the biggest beneficiaries of globalization. The liberal policies adopted by Indian government also opened up a complete new avenue for MBA professionals. An MBA is not only crucial for day to day functioning of many business houses and government but also in terms of providing strategies and leadership to concerned businesses.

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MBA programs in India are of various types depending upon the candidates needs and preferences. Basically, MBA colleges in India offer two year full time course which can be done after successfully completing graduation degree with certain percentage. Its a regular course meant to be attended on a daily basis.

However, one can also join a MBA course on a part time basis. Available in many MBA colleges in India, part time MBA course is normally of three year duration. It usually provides classes on a weekly basis.

Apart from full time and part time courses, other options are distance learning, executive programs and specialized courses. Most of the Top MBA schools provide specialized courses which are usually of one year duration. These are usually diploma courses in a specific subject like, marketing, sales management, Human resources management, system and resources etc. executive programs are designed keeping in mind the executives and future managers of corporate world.

One of the other programs is Online MBA courses. Few of the top MBA colleges in India have already started online programs which are steadily gaining popularity amongst busy professionals. Most of the Indian MBA schools conduct admission tests in three phases of entrance exam, group discussion and personal interview. The most popular entrance tests are CAT, XAT and MAT among others. For a usual student who is an engineer, MBA is their most sought after option for career after graduation.